Option 1. Winter Term Coaching



Late start after January 1st 2021


*Dry land, Woodward and gym strength training available starting October 15th. Regular on hill training begins November 15th. Our winter term program ends April 7th. 


Part Time Winter Term

Two to Three days a week of training, plus USASA and other events



Option 3. Two month program

Coaching only


* Starting date February 1st, ends April 6th after USASA Nationals

* The student provides their own accredited courses and online teacher support under option 2. Local tutoring of courses with certified teachers is available at an added cost. 


William Rivera 


"Bridging of programs to keep fluidity for snowboard athletes in their pursuits of personal success"

 ASTC Colorado is a partnership that began in 2017, built on the mutual respect of two Elite level freestyle snowboard coaches, our Founder of the American Snowboard Training Center, Ron Chiodi, and Head Coach / Director of Operations of ASTC Colorado, William Rivera . Both with a tremendous amount of experience as professionals in the Industry and countless hours on hill guiding top level snowboarders, they saw that building a consistent and clear pipeline for these athletes would increase their ability to perform at the highest level in all aspects of a very competitive sport and industry.


ASTC Colorado has built it's platform around the successful formula proven the last decade on the East Coast slopes of Carinthia Parks at Mount Snow Vermont. With clarity and efficiency, we are providing a broad spectrum of opportunities for athletes in all realms of the snowboarding world from competition, photography, filming and business. Summit County, Colorado has become the epicenter of  training and events out West, setting up our riders with multiple resorts to choose from, each with professional and progression size features.


When the terrain parks are full of snow, our riders can be found in the back country choking on deep powder or building jumps to session and shoot video and photos. If we cant get into the back-country, Woodward at Copper is conveniently located for some indoor air and balance training.


ASTC Colorado athletes primarily are competing in regional and national USASA Slopestyle and Rail Jam events. Revolution Tour, Grand Prix, World Cup, Junior Worlds, World Rookie Tour, Hotdawgz and Handrails, Rails to Riches, and other National and International events.


Typical week of training:

-5 days of On-Snow training: (schedule TBD)


2-3 days of Air-Awareness training:

Woodward Copper


2-3 days of Dry land Training:

Silverthorne Recreation Center