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The American Snowboard Training Center, (ASTC), is a winter term snowboard Academy providing professional coaching services, education, and housing in the Green Mountains of Southern Vermont. Our team house is located at the base of Carinthia Parks at Mount Snow, allowing for easy access just a few steps away from the chairlifts. ASTC is 100% dedicated to snowboarding offering an environment focused on the needs of aspiring professional snowboarders or possibly future snow sports industry leaders. Based in Southern Vermont, ASTC was founded in 2007 by 1998 US Olympian and accomplished professional snowboarder, Ron Chiodi. With a strong professional history and experience competing at the highest level, we feel confident our coaching methods are proved with the success of our athletes.

 It is our mission at the American Snowboard Training Center to offer a clear path of success in snowboarding and academics keeping College admissions on track and a priority. For our winter academy, we utilize the Manchester Tutorial Center in Manchester, VT, along with other academic options. The academic center allows us to provide a high-level snowboard program midweek netting more hours on snow implementing a personalized education plan for each student. Our coaching and academic programs are available for students age 11 and above. We do not offer a weekend training program at the American Snowboard Training Center. If you're looking for a quality weekend training program, we recommend contacting the Mount Snow Training Center to learn about the different programs available.

Our athletes compete in various events and disciplines in snowboarding throughout the winter at an accelerated level. Our competition schedule is set up to satisfy a full spectrum of abilities and interests including but not limited to USASA regional and national events, Futures Tour, Revolution Tour, Grand Prix, North American Cup, World Cup, Junior Worlds, World Rookie Tour, along with other events around New England, the nation and the world. If a regimented competition schedule isn't what you’re looking for some of our athletes will film all winter putting together various edits of their riding and competing in less events. ASTC has a unique way of promoting and marketing each student during their progress in the program. We take the riders talents displaying them on various social media creating an image with each student. Most important, each student leaves ASTC prepared for the snowboard industry in a way that can open doors for a professional riding career or working within the industry on product development, or maybe a successful career in sales or marketing.

In reality, all we can do as coaches is give our athletes the tools and foundation to be successful in snowboarding and life. There are many paths to a career in snowboarding and we want to help open those doors for the rider who loves snowboarding as much as we do. Whether your goals are a gold medal around your neck, filming for a major segment in a video, or simply tearing up the back-country, ASTC can help get you there while keeping College admission on target.

Alphonse Esposito
Photo by Scott Horwath
Chris DePaula
Photo by Peter Cirilli
2_lucas (2).jpg
Lucas Ferry
Photo by Scott Horwath
Jeremy Ellenberg
Photo by Scott Horwath
Nick Fox
Photo By Scott Horwath
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