Program prices for the 2022-2023 Winter Term November 27th-March 23rd

Option 1. Coaching and regional competitions


Option 2. Coaching Plus Room and Board


*Student provides their own accredited courses and online teacher support under option 2. The ASTC resident staff will ensure the proper learning environment during education hours.  Licensed teacher support is available by our academic center for an added cost. 

Option 3. Coaching, Room and Board, Education



Option 4. Coaching & Education


 * Our State Licensed academic center takes over all aspects of the students education for the winter term. Some students will come with their primary schools curriculum remaining enrolled, while others will un-enroll, using an online accredited curriculum that follows their schools courses. With daily, one on one learning the students are well prepared and in most cases ahead of their school when they return in April.



Part Time Winter Term
Coaching 2 days a week $7,500
Coaching 3 days a week $10,000

This program is designed for the student who can only commit to a full day of training two or three days a week, plus competes in regional and national competitions. Local tutoring of courses is available for an added cost.

 This is a great introduction to our full time training program. 

Late Start Program
Coaching, Education, Room & Board
January 30th - March 26th


 This program is designed to give goal oriented snowboarders the opportunity to have the full time academy experience and training, until the student is ready to commit to the entire winter term. Students will live in the ASTC house at the base of Carinthia with our full term athletes. Living at the team house and working with our certified teachers gives the athlete the full experience of a truly balanced program of snowboarding and academics.  This program option includes eight weeks of education, nine weeks of training, and competition with ASTC academy.