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At ASTC Academy, it is our responsibility to be sure each and every athlete is getting a quality education while pursuing their goals and dreams in snowboarding. Our educational system is individualized, offering various options to create a truly balanced program of academics and athletics no matter what state or country the student's home school is located in.


While our preferred method of educating our athletes at the academy is with our state licensed academic facility, we've had many students over the years bring their own accredited online education system with online teacher support.  

Since 2005, (TTC) The Manchester Tutorial Center has successfully managed all aspects of the academics for ASTC Academy students. Our academic center communicates directly with the athlete's home school to explain the process of how the academics are done during the winter term in Vermont. In most cases their school is willing to provide the curriculum keeping the student enrolled. Some states are more challenging than others in this process but we generally are able to satisfy every state's curriculum and high standards of education with our process. TTC typically will be given access to the school's curriculum via online portal, using it to formulate the daily lessons, labs, and exams. For students who are residents of Vermont, the process is very simple.  Especially with TTC being a state licensed facility for education.


If the school is unwilling to provide the curriculum for the winter term, it is still possible to do the academy. You will need to meet with your guidance counselor to discuss the schools process of unenrollment using an online curriculum that is best aligned with the standards of your state's school. The student would then unenroll from their home school from November 28th-April 15th.  Once that is determined, the student, parent and guidance meet to select courses from the chosen online platform that best aligns with their home schools curriculum.  Our most used accredited online platform, if the plan is to enroll back into school in April, is Apex Learning. Under these circumstances the student still attends daily in person classes with TTC. Some of the other online accredited platforms used over the years with and without in person teacher support from TTC are Laurel Springs School, Keystone, K12 and Vlacs.

Students who have used our education services at the academy for the winter term have gone onto schools such as University of Vermont, Colorado College, University of Colorado Boulder, Sierra Nevada College, Plymouth State University, Santa Clara University, University of Southern California, Georgetown University, University of Utah, Rutgers University, Syracuse University and NYU. 

Alex Atno Photo by Scott Horwath
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