A high-level snowboard program like ours is nothing without the support of top notch educators leading our athletes through their academics. The Manchester Tutorial Center is our academic support, successfully educating athletes coached by us for over a decade. In most cases our athletes bring their curriculum from their primary school, receiving one on one teaching from the end of November to the end of March, right before USASA Nationals. In some cases, a student will use an on-line accredited curriculum such as Apex, Vlacs, Laurel Springs, K12, or Keystone for the winter term, enrolling back into their primary school in April. The Education Center follows and communicates with the primary school assuring our athletes are on track with their primary school when returning after the winter term.

Our educational system is geared around the individual offering various options to create a truly balanced program of academics and athletics. Many of our graduates are continuing with their snowboarding at a high level of performance and attending quality universities thanks to the support of the academic center's certified teachers guiding our students through their academics from 5th to 12 grade. 

Students who have used our education services at the academy for the winter term have gone onto schools such as University of Vermont, Colorado College, University of Boulder, Sierra Nevada College, Plymouth State University, Santa Clara University, University of Southern California, Georgetown University, and NYU just to name few. 

Alex Atno Photo by Scott Horwath